Halloween 2010

We took the kids to our 3rd annual Microsoft Halloween Trick-or-treating and party. It is the way to score bags of candy in comfort: temperature controlled buildings and friendly offices. Too bad I always make the costumes warm for the ACTUAL, cold night of trick-or-treating, and the kids sweat to death running up and down the halls. Henry’s face was red and his hair was soaked with sweat when we were done!

The Cat in the Hat and Thing 2 (“cause Thing 1 hasn’t come out yet” was the perpetual joke, ie: unborn baby) were a big success. Eleanor would disagree though. I’m not sure she likes to be called out to a thousand times over the course of the event. She started rolling her eyes after the twentieth time. The party at Microsoft Commons is HUGE and packed with people. I must have heard “The Cat in the Hat” in 5 different languages. (Microsoft is a very international company) I never knew Dr. Seuss is an international character!

“Haven’t they ever seen a cat-in-the-hat before?” Eleanor whispers in disgust. She actually had children run up to her and look at her expectantly. Like they thought she was going to take them away for a fun adventure. She’d look at me in panic.

Henry didn’t mind it one bit. He shouted “THING 2!”  at everyone. And his feather hair kept us laughing all night.


Here’s a video of them in candy-looting action. Note the feather hair. Isn’t it great?


Halloween Curiosities


It’s Supergirl!


We had a superhero party to attend, so Supergirl it was.

I patterned the leotard from a onesie. It was made from a stretch satin dance material. The “S” was felt, pieced from the logo I pulled from the web and stitched in place. Red Satin for the skirt (cut on the bias) and cape. Yellow felt for the belt. The boot covers were from red vinyl and patterned from a pair of boots we had. I folded yellow felt over the tops so it wouldn’t cut into her skin.

After wearing it once, I sold it for $50.

Halloween Costume Delight 2008

eandhWhen it comes to a costume, I am a stickler. Even if no one knows, I enjoy getting the details right. This year, Eleanor was Lucy from Prince Caspian, and Henry was Reepicheep.

This website was a dream! A site devoted to the Narnia costumes. How I wish I had the income to fund making a set for the whole family. I wanted to be Susan and make the man wear a Caspian leather brigandine. sexy! But food was more important. <shrug>

Lucy’s orange dress

Accessories: I went thrift store shopping for belts with decorative pewter or silver buckles. I used one for her belt and snipped at another with a silver tipped end to make the dagger sheath. I inherited a sliver letter opener with a filigree handle that masqueraded as her dagger perfectly! She wore black Mary Janes as did Lucy.

Dress: I adapted McCall’s Costume pattern # MP273. I matched the fabrics as closely as possible from my local Joanns and Hancocks. The pattern had to be adapted at the neck, waistline and skirt front to copy Lucy’s dress. I also made an under dress of white cotton from the same adapted pattern.

That night, we threw a charcoal, felted wool shawl over her and she kept plenty warm.


Accessories: I picked up a leather belt for his rapier strap at the thrift store. It had a sliver buckle and tip. I purchased a large, red ostrich feather and hot glued it to a silver bangle bracelet from my costume chest. I glued the bracelet around the ear of the headpiece.

I wanted to add a rapier to the set, but figured he’d stab too many kids with it, so I left it out. I was going to make it from an old car antenna.

Costume: I lucked out and found long-haired, gray “rat” fur on the clearance table! I adapted McCalls Costume pattern #MP267. Mostly, I followed the Skunk pattern, ignoring the center belly insert and changing the ears to be rounder. I used the lion’s tail.

This was a wonderfully warm costume when we went trick or treating outside that night. But, we visited Microsoft’s offices in the afternoon, and he got very hot!