A look into the past

I found these old pictures of our house on a foreclosure site. I hope to make it to the courthouse one of these days and dig some more.
circa 1938:

1946: It looks like the original windows were similar to what we put in. The plate glass picture windows must have been installed in the 50’s.




A look before

Things aren’t perfect or finished, but here is where we are at now.

Henry’s bedroom

I thought it would be fun to look back at how far we’ve come. Here are the pictures I took before we bought the house (or right as we were closing) and a picture of the same angle of where we are at now. Here is Henry’s bedroom.
When we bought it:

And now:



Back Door Blue

The back door off the mudroom has never closed, nor locked. We finally tightened security up around here!

We used the old door we removed out of the living room because it was the right size and was in better shape than the current one. Now we can see if someone is on the stairs when we open the door. Stephen also changed the side it opens from. (It needs a few more coats of paint.)Baldwin hardward makes any door look classy!

Painted Living Room

Every room and ceiling is finally painted. There is no trim, so it doesn’t look finished. Imagine a medium gray trim, please.

We pulled the heater insert out of the fireplace, and the tv lives there now. I don’t know what we are going to do in the long run. Possibly, we will rip out the whole chimney and install gas logs. Then what to do with the tv and electronic crap? I don’t know. I’ll keep pondering it.
Remember when there was a ratty old door on this wall? 🙂

Lights for the French Doors

The exterior patio lights were installed, as well as a few exterior outlets.

I didn’t expect Stephen to hang these so high. He says they have to be that high. 😦 It wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I still want to dip paint these lights with the yellow paint from the front door. (This is through the kitchen sink window.)

And here is the patio the steps lead down to as seen through the sink window. You see, we pulled that heater insert out? That thing weighed hundreds of pounds! It sat there for 10 days while Stephen worked up the energy to pull it into the barnyard.

Final Two

The last two windows were replaced this weekend.
One in the kitchen:
One in the entry: